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It's really
cool or hot depending
on the temperature outside
By Chet Walters
Based on an idea by dusty74
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8" of 22 gauge wire

Quick connect

electrical tape


5 mm allen


soldering iron

I first saw this mod on the GL1800 Riders Tech board and thought it would be a nice addition to the GL1800.  It was posted by dusty74. This mod is recommended unless you have something else that works with your signal cancel button (like a garage door opener).  But, in all honesty, it should work just fine with the garage door hickey too.  Anyway, all we do is use the signal cancel to "push" the DISP meter panel button.  It's lots easier to just thumb press the signal cancel because you don't have to take your hand off the bars. Besides, my GPS is in the way, too. If you press once, the display will show the ambient temperature.  If, while the temperature is displayed you press it again, you will be greeted with what your rear shock setting is (0-25).  The usefulness of the temp display is just candy, but the display of the shock setting with a left thumb press is really cool too!
This is really simple. Take off your meter panel. In the harness coming down under your left handlebar from the switches, bust out the GREEN/WHITE wire.  Solder a lead to the GREEN/WHITE about eight inches long.  Tape up really well leaving the lead coming out as shown.  Put a female quick connect on the end of it.  Next, remove the meter button plug from the ignition tower and locate the BLUE/YELLOW wire there.  Solder a lead onto that BLUE/YELLOW wire about 4" long, or instead of solder you can use the method described in this picture >CLICK<.  Put a male connector onto the end of that lead.  Connect your wires to one another with the connects and turn on the bike.  Press the signal cancel button with your thumb. You should see your display show the temp.  While the temp is showing, press again to change it to the shock setting screen.  If that all works, you're almost done.  Make sure you route your new little wire so that there is enough play in it that it won't bind when you turn the bars side to side.  Route it so it's not stretched and does not interfere with anything else.  Meter panel back on and ride! How warm is it today?


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