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July 30, 1998 DYNO results for NightMare
Equipment for this run...no other modifications made:
...SuperTrapp exhaust system with four disks - ...Snuff 'r Not end caps in full open position
...Baffle removed from air box w/ stock air cleaner - ...standard NGK plugs with 8,000 miles
Ragged lines and drop in HP in mid-range show evidence of leaning out. With two shims added to needles, the overall HP should raise by two or three, the lines should smooth out and the ragged drop offs should disappear. Shims are the only mods I will perform at this time and another dyno run might be sometime from now. I will use the "butt dyno" and read the plugs to watch the results. Sometime in the off season I may re-jet but I doubt it. Stock Valks run between 88-89 HP peak. Just bolting on the SuperTrapps and getting a DYNO of 103 HP peak with the quick rise to 90 HP and long runs of between 90-103 HP show that the SuperTrapps work as advertised.
NOTE: The air box baffle was removed just prior to riding to Cape's speed shop. There is a marked change in the way the bike performs with the baffle out. The drop off is noticable where before the "butt dyno" felt a smooth curve to max power. I may just put the baffle back in if the shims do not richen the mixture enough to eliminate the drop off. There was no real noticable change in top end with the baffle out but at these speeds, that's hard to actually determine playing it by ear.

Performed the needle mod 8-3-98, two shims in addition to the one that was there (click here for a how-to). The drop off at mid range lessened. The throttle seems "fatter," that's the only word I can think of to describe the feeling. Excellent response when cruising at 55 (2,500RPM) with a twist to 75MPH. Smoother. Quicker. Sounds better. It was not like that before the shims. It was a little hollow there with the Trapps but faster than stock, but was like that (fat & smooth) with the stock pipes except slower than the Trapps. Hard to describe actually, "fatter" seems the term. Runs smooth just like the stock exhaust with no hollow areas now, but MUCH faster. Much! Great feeling.

No Dyno results for this, but it was running a ragged 103HP with the Trapps and no other mods. With the "butt dyno" giving me such a noticed increase in perceived power (not really just perceived, my neck still hurts and my rear tire is going to wear MUCH faster), I'm not willing to pop $30 for another dyno run for awhile. She runs smooth as glass. Put 140 miles on the tank before reserve tonight for a good test, but will say that I only goosed her a little bit of the time (well, mebbe a little more than a little bit of the time). Surely runs better, and the plugs are a slight gold with a black ring around them after a full throttle run and shut down. Seems perfect.... review dyno and note, the ragged spots are gone now according to my "butt dyno."

I also opened the gaps in the stock plugs .005 making them .0040. I have also added a six degree advance trigger wheel to her. WOW! Completely smooth power curve and OOOOOMPH! Don't know what that did, but NightMare purrs so sweetly I don't want to change anything.