Side Splitters
Right Side Cover Left Side Cover
The Earth as viewed from beyond the dark side of the moon. The rider, while traveling, will often choose roads just because they... well... just because. After a half day of riding NightMare in this fashion, he sometimes finds it necessary to locate himself so he can then wend his way home. The "you are here" helps in these instances. The planet Uranus with faint rings, shown in its true relative orientation tipped ninety degrees because its axis of rotation actually faces the plane of the ecliptic. Uranus was chosen for this side cover since, when you sit on the bike, this is pretty much where Uranus goes.

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Right Tank Side Left Tank Side Tank Top Side Covers
Front Fender Top Front Fender Skirt Front Fender Nose Rear Fender Right Side
Rear Fender Skirt Dressed to Tour Undressed (rated R) Dressed to Cruise
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