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Kuryakyn Large Universal
Silver Bullets
Look good and light up the road and the front wheel nicely!

Kuryakyn Large Universal Silver Bullets (2320) are mounted to the upper peg plate spacers with "made myself" brackets. I was going for "minimal" which is my theme for this bike and wanted the brackets to be mostly invisible. They could easily be mounted with any bracket that will mount on 7/8" bars (J&P offers a three piece 7/8" clamp that should work). The switch is under the seat and the lights work off of a realy wired similar the description found on my Foglites pages. These lights when lit show a good face to other drivers and they are just as much for me TO BE SEEN as for me to see.

Kuryakyn Large Universal Silver Bullets (2320) - Custom Pegs - Chrome Peg Mounts


Custom Pegs - Brake Line Cover - Brake Cylinder Cover - Chrome Peg Mount

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A view inside the X headlight if you choose to wire it up in there.

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