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Chet's VTX 1800c Pages
The Blue Bruiser

On this page: Grips - Levers - Sigma - Tach- Key - Front end - Ground Wire - Plugs - Wiring - Shift light

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Grips, levers and more...
Installed on both my Valkyrie and the Blue Bruiser find SAC padded leather grips. These grips can be obtained at many bike shows under different names. Cobalt Blue matches my Valkyrie and Purple matches Bruiser's Blurple. To install these shorter grips, take a razor knife and cut your OEM grip right at the end of the inner chrome ring. Invert that EOM ring to make an attractive spacer and install the custom grip. Other items include chromed Valkyrie Interstate housings (the cables exit under the bar for a cleaner look) and chromed reservoirs with smooth caps. I'm fond of smooth chrome and detest fluted bumpy stuff.
Sigma 800 digital bicycle speedometer...
After bringing several bike computers home from the bicycle shop (Thanks Ray at Franklins!) and bench testing them (electric drill in a vice to simulate a rotating wheel), I settled on the Sigma 800 designed in Germany and made in China (retail $29.95). I have one on every bike I own.

Click the pic for more information.

Shindy Daytona Digital tachometer 400-34908
Obtained from Dennis Kirk.  Hooked to tach lead inside headlight (it's a black/yellow wire with an empty female bullet connector only on the C) & set tach at cylinders=4 pistons=1 . Here casually mounted with Velcro so it can be moved to better visibility for "intense" viewing. Totaly accurate from 0 to 19,000 RPM with adequate visible LCD update, and works great on the VTX 1800. Has a clock function (is a clock when the bike is off or can be a backlit clock anytime you want), has max RPM memory (seen here as the stock VTX rev limit 5620 RPM), tracks hours engine has been running, and is backlit when the bike is on with a very pleasing blue. If the link is dead, try Dennis Kirk or stop by your local sport bike shop.

Click the pic for more information and a tutorial on shifting without a tach.

Gold Wing Radio Knob Key
Looks cool and clean. Will not mark your chrome nor make any noise. Just take your spare key, insert and mark. Add 1/8" plus the depth of whatever you are going to use as the key end. Here, we use a chrome Gold Wing Radio Knob. Looks good and functions well.

Click the pic for more information.

Fork tools and changing springs
Bruiser has gotten a set of Progressive 111520 springs and the front end is getting plated. Pictures to follow soon.

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Honda VTXc Ground Wire Service Update
If your VTX looks like the one at left, you need to re-route the ground cable and maybe get a new one.

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My VTXc Plugs look like this
I have DENSO VK20PRZ11 from the factory. X always runs good. Crossreference to other plugs you can use in the X can be seen by clicking the pic or below.

Click the pic for plug cross reference information.

Clamp mounted shift light and blinker indicators
I have installed a Harlan shift light and a blinker indicator on the bar clamp using 10,000 MCD LED's.

Click the pic for more detailed information and a how to.

This is the VTXc fuseblock wiring

Click here or the pic for a view of the VTXc full schematic

Click here to see all the wires in the VTXc headlight

Click here to just see the fuseblock wires for printing.

On this page: Grips - Levers - Sigma - Tach- Key - Front end - Ground Wire - Plugs - Wiring - Shift light

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