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Kuryakyn Small Silver Bullets
Fittin with my theme of minimal bulk maximum function.

Kuryakyn SMALL Universal Silver Bullets (2305) replace the signals front and rear. Fronts were mounted with custom made brackets and work as full 35 watt running/passing lamps as well as turn signals. The rear ones, which serve as running, brake and signal lights, are mounted on the fender rails. The rails were pulled then drilled out with a 3/8" drill bit and the lights mounted. Wiring is simply run up the fender rail to under the seat. Both front and rear are wired as described on my Valkyrie De-Bulking pages. (NOTE: Kury silver bullets (2303) now come with a no visor bezel and you can get a visor in whatever orientation that suits your application)

This is how the fronts are wired inside the headlight using a coupla relays.
Optional wiring method below using Radio Shack Diodes

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